Jordan Thiessen - COO

Jordan Thiessen manages all operations for Dansons. He oversees all administration positions and operationalizes all new customer integrations. He manages all purchasing functions for the business and oversees all remote warehousing locations and staff. In addition, Jordan oversees IBL, Dansons’ lubricants division, and maintains strong business relationships with Phillips 66 and Citgo Petroleum.

Along with his team of professional sales representatives, Jordan is also responsible for managing and nurturing customer relationships. Jordan has successfully operated and cultivated this division for the past five years and continues to expand the customer base through excellent customer service and on-time deliveries. Jordan has been with the company for over 15 years and offers long-term security to the ongoing operations of Dansons’ business.

3411 N 5th Avenue, Suite 500

Phoenix, AZ 85013

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